COVID-19 Professional disinfection services

Mission-Critical Sanitation Cleaning for Contamination Control

Surface contamination has actually been linked in the transmission of Coronavirus, and also surface disinfection can be an efficient step to disrupt the spread of these infections from cross contamination.

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Decontaminate using Ox Biography+ as a rapid-acting broad range sporicidal disinfectant, extremely effective against the Coronavirus

AEGIS Surface Area Guard Security

Application of AEGIS Shield to minimize microbial activity on cured surface areas. The long-lasting application offers security even after duplicated cleansing.

AEGIS Shield is anti-viral against a variety of viruses, yet has not been checked especially or its activity versus Coronavirus (COVID-19). Nevertheless, the requirement for long term AEGIS Shield has now gotten much more relevance than previously as a precautionary defensive approach.

AEGIS is an advancement product developed by Dow Corning U.S.A.. It ruins damaging microbes, bacteria, virus, and also infections without relying on hazardous chemicals. It is not just attached to the treated surface; it is chemically adhered to the dealt with surface, making it a long-term part of the surface area and also enabling it to stay practical even after lasting usage that may consist of numerous cleansings.

The danger related to microorganisms in the properties can be substantially reduced by the alteration of interior surface areas with AEGIS Anti-Microbial. This demonstrates that surface adjustment, can create ALARA (As Low as Fairly Attainable) direct exposure level.