What Types of Mold And Mildew is in your house?

You currently know that mold and mildew can be more than a minor trouble. Actually, it can be a huge trouble. Some kinds of mold carry substantial health and wellness threats when absolutely nothing is done to quit them. They can additionally influence the market value of your home and also pressure you to take on expensive mold remediation efforts.

Below’s something you may not recognize. Mold can be found in many different types, and some are dramatically much more damaging than others. The inquiry is, what type of mold and mildew are you managing?

These types of mold and mildew are frequently discovered in homes as well as services. If you have actually got a mold trouble, there’s a good chance it is among these species.


A really usual types of mold with a capacity to expand and also spread out quickly. Penicillium is often green blue or white, as well as frequently has a thick silky texture. This is the mold and mildew that provided us Penicillin, so it’s not all bad– but it’s certainly not something we want in our houses. The health and wellness threats from exposure to Penicillium are excellent.


Right here’s one more mold that is commonly found inside American residences. The shade of Aspergillus varies from yellow or red to white and even black. This type of mold and mildew favors moist, dark places within the home. One of the most significant health problems connected with Aspergillus are respiratory system in nature.

mold species

This mold usually has an uniformity like powder, with a dark (eco-friendly or black) look. Likewise note that Cladosporium thrives on materials like paper, wood, rug, or anything with pores that permit it delve in. Breathing in large amounts of Cladosporium spores can bring about major illness as well as need to be stayed clear of at all prices.